Hotel Chain Will Pay You $10K To Travel and Take Photos for Two Weeks

Days Inn by Wyndham is looking to hire “an aspiring photographer and adventure seeker” to explore some of the United States’ most desirable locations and capture images along the way. The photos would then be used for the brand’s website and social media channels.

While some companies would prefer to pay nothing for photographers, Days Inn continues to buck that trend and has announced that its recurring travel internship is making a return in 2021. The two-week job would take place in August.

Calling all wanderlust seekers! Summer’s hottest travel gig is back. Days Inn by Wyndham is searching for an aspiring photographer and adventure-seeker looking to reclaim summer ‘21 with sun-soaked experiences outside of the living room. During a two week-long internship, our Suntern will explore some of America’s most desireable locations and capture the moments along the way.

As originally noted by Thrillist, Days Inn will pay one chosen photographer $10,000 for what it is calling a “Sunternship.” The “Suntern” will be tasked with packing their own bags, hitting the road, and “inspiring other travelers” to do the same.

The role doesn’t just pay $10,000 upfront: it also includes paid hotel accommodations for two weeks at various Days Inn locations in the U.S. as well as ground transportation. The company will also provide a $250 daily travel stipend and an immediate upgrade to Wyndam Rewards Diamond level membership status.

Altogether, that is a generous $13,500 in cash plus several other costs that would be covered and a great set of additional perks.

The chosen photographer will capture as many photos as they are able and will likely have to stick to a very specific schedule, but it’s a pretty amazing gig to land given that not only is it paid, but Wyndham intends to provide a “glowing recommendation” upon the completion of the gig, which would go very nicely with the images that would no doubt land in the chosen photographer’s portfolio.

Applicants must be U.S. residents with a valid federal or state-issued ID and be at least 21 years old to be considered. You can apply for the role by submitting an “original sun-filled photo” as well as a 300-word essay that describes your domestic dream itinerary and why you are the perfect fit for the job. You can apply from the company’s official listing here.

Image credits: Photos licensed via Depositphotos.