Cameraman Gets Rammed in the Groin by an Angry Sheep

If you ever find yourself getting low to the ground to try and get the perfect shot of a horned animal, be sure to protect what’s valuable to you. A BBC cameraman found out what can happen if you don’t, as you can see in this short viral clip above.

The cameraman was shooting a story last year on Cameroon sheep — a domestic sheep that’s one of the world’s rarest breeds — when one of the “angry” males approached him and stopped with its head inches away from the man’s groin.

While he initially protected himself with his off-hand, the cameraman decided to support his camera again. Seeing a window of opportunity, the sheep lowered its head and forcefully rammed the man, causing him to keel over (apparently due to both pain and laughter).

In the end, it was the goat that got the perfect shot.