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At Full Speed, the Canon 1D X Mark III’s Shutter Could Fail After Just 8 Hours


Photographer Ryan Mense put together a completely (purposely) ridiculous video “exposing” Canon for making the new 1D X Mark III … too good. How so? Well, it turns out that, at full speed, it’ll only take 8 hours 40 minutes and 48 seconds of continuous use to “kill” the Canon 1D X Mark III’s shutter.

Any self-professed camera nerd has done this back-of-the-napkin math at one point or another: shutter rating divided by maximum frames per second should give you the number of seconds of continuous use that your camera’s shutter can theoretically take before it craps out.

Ryan took it a step further by accounting for the size of the buffer as well—assuming you’re shooting RAW files—and what he found is that Canon has made its new camera “so good, it’s bad now.” Specifically, he discovered that, at the camera’s 16fps maximum mechanical shutter speed, you’ll reach the theoretical 500,000 shutter rating in just 8 hours and 40 minutes of continuous use. Oops…

This is obviously a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek video—more of an intellectual exercise than a real concern. Cameras like the Canon 1D X Mark III and the new Nikon D6 are built like tanks and known to last for years, long past when their theoretical shutter rating has come and gone.

Still, it’s something of a “fun fact” that also helpfully points out just how ridiculously fast our modern day sport cameras have become… and that’s before you switch to the electronic shutter.