Canon Made an AI Lightroom Assistant That Analyzes and Culls Your Photos

Canon has announced a brand new product called the Photo Culling Plugin. It’s an intelligent AI assistant for Adobe Lightroom Classic that helps you save time during post-processing by intelligently selecting the best shots for you out of a large set of photos.

The plugin is powered by the Canon Computer Vision AI engine and uses technical models to select photos based on a number of criteria: sharpness, noise, exposure, contrast, closed eyes, and red eyes. These “technical models” have customizable settings to give you some ability to control the process.

Once the plugin analyzes your photos, it’ll use different colored flags to give you a visual indication of what it determined about them.

Canon says the Photo Culling Plugin will be available sometime before the end of March 2020 through the Adobe Exchange App marketplace. Unfortunately, the plugin won’t be offered with a one-time payment and perpetual license — just like when hiring a human photo assistant, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee (pricing has yet to be announced) for the AI’s services.