Gear Guy: A Funny Billie Eilish Parody About Photographers Who Only Care About Gear

Filmmaker and YouTuber Dave Maze is ending the year on a humorous note. His music video “Gear Guy” is a spot on parody of Billie Eilish’ song “Bad Guy,” but for photographers and videographers who are all about owning (if not actually using) the best gear.

The song and accompanying music video really don’t need any more introduction than that, assuming you’re familiar with Billie Eilish’ hit song “Bad Guy.”

“Gear Guy” is just Maze’s way of paying tribute to our favorite forum warriors: those masters of microcontrast and sticklers of sharpness who are more interested in owning the latest gear (and possibly shooting a few lens charts) than actually creating anything with it. Obviously this applies equally well to a certain subset of video shooters as well.

Check out the music video up top or listen to the song on SoundCloud below:

If you like this tongue-in-cheek creation and need more of a break from all the gear talk (which isn’t going anywhere… let’s be honest) then complement “Gear Guy” with a trip down memory lane and re-watch a few of our favorite photography parodies that we can all relate to on some level.

(via DPReview)