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Humor: 10 Videos of People Using Their Gear in Strange and Silly Ways



Back in the beginning of August, NYC-based camera superstore B&H Photo Video launched a lighthearted contest called “That’s Not What It’s Meant For!” It asked for videos of photographers and videographers using technology and equipment in unintended ways.

The submission phase ended recently, and now 10 wacky videos have been selected as finalists. Here they are for your enjoyment.

#1: Rise & Shine It’s VESTY Time

A short about a man who relies on his Steadicam rig for many things in everyday life.

#2: Say Cheese!

How a Polaroid instant camera can come in handy in lunchtime emergencies.

#3: dasnahwahmehfow

A random assortment of ideas of how different photography and videography gear items can come in handy in various situations (note: no gear was actually harmed in the making of this video).

#4: What’s In Your Gear Locker?

A family that gets creative with their gear.

#5: Leon and Daniel

“Leon misuses Daniel’s video gear in some…interesting ways.”

#6: That’s Not How You Communicate

Who needs digital forms of communication anyway?

#7: The World’s Most Versatile Camera

Different ways you can use a GoPro camera to make life easier for yourself.

#8: Microphone Beat

A rhythmic song created using only sounds created on a professional recording microphone.

#9: Danny Caramia Living Life

Caramia uses his gear for everything from making pizza to feeding birds in his yard.

#10: A Hike Turned Tragic

A photographer’s camera gear comes in handy for outdoor survival.

The winner of this contest will win their choice of a Canon 6D or a Nikon D600. You can cast your vote by visiting the contest homepage and then clicking “Vote Now.”