This Influencer-Inspired End Table Doubles as a Lightbox for Photography

This quirky concept creation may be the perfect piece of furniture for the Instagram influencer or Etsy seller in your life. It’s called the Photo Table, and it’s a half-end table half-lightbox that was “designed for public influencers.”

The Photo Table—which just took home a Red Dot Design Award in the Furniture category—was designed by South Korean company Zinus Inc., and the concept is pretty self explanatory: it’s a lightbox that was designed to “blend in beautifully with any living space, while serving as a tool to make pictures more.”

From the concept’s description:

Photo Table is furniture designed for public influencers, allowing their everyday moments to be captured and presented in a unique way.


Designed to function as a photo box, several features are important. The LED light on top illuminates the object. The walls of the frame are composed of semi-transparent PET to capture various angles. Additionally, the curved white background facilitates hiding of outlines, allowing the object to stand out. The background itself is also interchangeable.

In our humble opinion, it looks like a standard light box… with legs. But you have to give the designers points for originality. It seems the age of the social media influencer is even ‘influencing’ the kind of furniture we design.

(via Yanko Design)