This New ‘Object Selection Tool’ is Coming to Photoshop

A powerful new AI-powered Object Selection Tool is coming soon to Adobe Photoshop to make your photo-editing life much, much easier. Here’s a 2-minute sneak peek video showing what the tool can do.

Adobe found that the new tool gives such great results that the company decided to place it by default at the top of the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool group:

The Quick Selection Tool allows you to draw a selection in a photo (with click-and-drag Marquee or Lasso selections) to have the object you want to select automatically and precisely selected using AI machine learning.

“It’s like it reads your mind and shrink-wraps the object with the selection,” says Adobe’s Meredith Stotzner in the video.

For example, if you want to select two women in a photo, simply use the new tool to draw a box around them. Adobe Sensei will understand that you’re wanting to select the people in the selection and automatically give you the selection you desire:

Want to select just the beanie that one of the women is wearing on her head? Draw a smaller box around the top of her head, and Photoshop will understand that you’d like to select just the beanie.

Adobe released its similar Select Subject tool back in January 2018 for one-click Sensei-powered selections of the most prominent subject in a photo. The Object Selection Tool lets you do much more precise selections and deselections of individual objects in photos, even if they’re far from being the “most prominent” in the shot.