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This is the ‘Select Subject’ Tool Coming to Photoshop CC


Adobe just revealed a powerful new tool that’s coming soon to Photoshop CC. Called “Select Subject,” it uses machine learning to detect subjects in your photos to help you isolate them from the backgrounds.

These days, making a selection of a subject in a photo is usually done with tools such as Quick Selection, Magic Wand, Pen, and Lasso.

The Select Subject tool will revolutionize how selections are made by allowing you to create a usable starting selection with just a single click. Here are some examples of selections that the tool can easily make using Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence capabilities:

“Complicated details around the subject aren’t an issue because this feature is using machine learning to recognize the objects.”

Select Subject will also be available within the Select and Mask workspace, allowing you to refine the mask edge.

“With Select Subject, you’ll be able to get started with your selections faster than ever before,” Adobe says.

No word yet on exactly when Select Subject will appear in a Photoshop CC update, but Adobe promises that it “will be available in an upcoming release.”