Watch Anduril’s Battering-Ram Drone Knock Other Drones Out of the Sky

Anti-drone tech has run the gamut from radio-frequency bazookas to trained eagles. But the latest anti-drone technology from controversial security company Anduril is actually… another drone. The Anduril Anvil is a “battering-ram drone system” that is tailor made to knock other drones out of the sky.

You can see the drone in action in the demo video above, where it knocks a DJI Phantom-like quadcopter out of the sky by literally bashing into it from below as hard as it can go.

According to The Verge, the drone’s battery and motors are optimized for short bursts of fast flying, and the propellers face downwards so that the drone can do its battering-ram business without compromising its own ability to fly.

As you can see from the demo, the concept works pretty well, but the Anvil’s ability to take a single drone out is hardly proof that this would make for a sustainable or safe solution for military or police use.

For one, the drone you “take out” falls out of the sky, potentially injuring bystanders below; for another, how many of these impacts could each Anduril Anvil take before it’s totally knocked out of commission? And finally, since the Anvil has to “attack” from below, wouldn’t it be fairly easy for a drone pilot to avoid the impact?

Still, it’s a fun proof-of-concept to watch in action. Check out the demo video above to see for yourself.

(via The Verge via DPReview)