Anti-Drone Weapons Seen Protecting Biden in Brussels

President Biden met with King Philippe of Belgium at the Royal Palace in Brussels yesterday, and security personnel in the area were spotted carrying crazy-looking anti-drone weaponry to prevent everything from aerial photos to high-tech assassination attempts.

Watch Anduril’s Battering-Ram Drone Knock Other Drones Out of the Sky

Anti-drone tech has run the gamut from radio-frequency bazookas to trained eagles. But the latest anti-drone technology from controversial security company Anduril is actually... another drone. The Anduril Anvil is a "battering-ram drone system" that is tailor made to knock other drones out of the sky.

This Surfing Contest Used a Helicopter to Knock a Drone Out of the Sky

We've seen various methods of dealing with drones, including bigger drones with nets, special shotgun shells, bazookas, futuristic jammer guns, and even specially-trained eagles. A surfing event in Hawaii took a different approach: as seen in the video above, it knocked a drone out of the air using a helicopter.

Watch a Trained Police Eagle Take Down a Drone

Shady drone pilots take note: the eagles are coming for you. Dutch police began training eagles to take down illegal drones at the beginning of 2016. Now, eight months later, it's time to demonstrate how well these trained eagles do their job.

This ‘Web-Slinging’ Drone Catcher is Like the Spider-Man of the Skies

Another day, another innovative solution for catching, disabling, or destroying rogue drones. If your camera drone isn't taken down by a radio wave rifle or a drone with a giant net in the future, you now have another countermeasure to be aware of: a "Spider-Man" drone that shoots out a web-like net to neutralize other drones.

Anti-Drone Systems Are Starting to Take Off

Camera drones have opened a whole new world of possibilities for photographers looking for a way to capture aerial images, but the meteoric rise in drone adoption has also opened up Pandora's box as well. Now a new industry is emerging alongside the booming drone industry: anti-drone defense systems.