Photographer’s iPhone Recorded Its Own Fall from Airplane Over Iceland

While on an aerial photo tour over the Icelandic wilderness late last year, photographer and pilot Haukur Snorrason dropped his iPhone 6s Plus out of the plane’s window and onto the tundra below. 13 months later, the phone was recovered, revealing a video of its own fall.

Fortunately for Snorrason (and the smartphone) he was only flying about 200 feet above the rivers below when the wind ripped the iPhone from his grip, but he still gave up the phone for dead. It may have landed in one of the overflowing glacial rivers below, and besides, what phone survives a 200-foot fall? Well, he shouldn’t have given up so easily.

13 months later, Snorrason received a phone call from a group of hikers who found his phone. They were able to trace it back to him because it still works, and showed up as “Haukur’s iPhone” when they plugged it into a computer. What’s more, it turns out the phone had recorded its own fall.

Snorrason tells The Next Web that he believes the phone survived because it landed in a patch of thick moss, face down. The moss—which can get up to 30cm thick in this area—cushioned the fall, and the case then protected the phone from 13-months of Icelandic weather.

But it didn’t just survive, it’s almost entirely funcitonal. The only issue the old iPhone 6s Plus has after all this time is that the microphone doesn’t seem to work. “I can still go on the Internet, I can send photos and video like the one of the fall,” he tells TNW. “The only real damage is that I can make calls but the other persona can’t hear me.”

Check out the video above to see the phone’s “fall from grace.” And if you want to join Snorrason on an Icelanding photo tour of your own, head over to his website here.

(via National Post)