LEE Unveils the Next-Gen LEE100 Filter Holder System for 100mm Filters

LEE Filters has unveiled its new LEE100 filter system for 100mm filters. It’s a next-generation system that introduces new features for making the experience of using filters faster and more intuitive.

The new filter holder is engineered from injection-molded composite materials, allowing it to be both strong and lightweight. It can be attached and removed with one hand from the adapter ring using the spring release.

At the base of the spring release is a new blue locking dial that has three possible positions. “Neutral” is the traditional locking style that allows free rotation and for the holder to be knocked off to protect your camera and lens. Turning the dial upwards to a “Half Lock” position allows it to be rotated but not knocked off accidentally. Finally, turning the blue locking dial downward to the “Full Lock” position prevents both rotation and accidental removal.

The LEE100 system also features an entirely new way to insert filters. Instead of having to assemble and attach each individual slot to the holder, the new system features modular filter guide blocks of one, two, and three slots.

A supplied removal tool is used to remove the blocks, and attaching blocks is as easy as pushing over small turrets until they snap into place.

The filter slots in the filter-guide blocks feature a new tapered profile that securely holds filters in place when making changes to your filter setup. Even when using ultra-wide-angle lenses, up to three filters can be used without vignetting affecting your resulting photos.

Here’s a short video introducing the LEE100:

The LEE100 filter holder is available now for $96. It’s also available in a landscape kit for $192, a long exposure kit for $409, and a deluxe kit for $739.

(via LEE100 via DPReview)