Datacolor Unveils the SpyderX Color Calibration Tool for Monitors

Datacolor today launched its latest color calibration tool for monitors. Called the SpyderX, it’s Datacolor’s “fastest, most accurate, and easiest to use color calibration tool” — “the best Spyder ever.”

SpyderX features a fully redesigned color engine that provides better color accuracy and low-light capabilities when doing calibrations.

The tool is several times fastest than its predecessors: calibrating a screen now takes less than two minutes to complete. Calibration is “so fast it easily becomes part of the workflow,” Datacolor says.

As with previous Spyder tools, the SpyderX can do both simple one-click calibration of screens or custom calibration with advanced options.

SpyderX is available in both a Pro (base) version for $170 as well as a $270 SpyderX Elite version that provides more advanced settings for professional photographers.