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This is Leica’s Official Sensor Cleaning Process


Want to see how Leica does its official digital camera sensor cleanings? Here’s a 20-minute video that steps through the process.

Leica Society member Hari Subramanyam shot the video after taking his Leica M (Typ 240) and Leica SL to Leica Camera AG for its sensor cleaning service. Customer service technician Michel Razafimahefa demonstrates the tools and techniques used whenever a photographer drops off their gear.

We see Razafimahefa clearing out dust before the shutter is opened, using the Leica M’s dust detection feature, removing dust with the rubber and sticky pad from a Pentax sensor cleaning kit, and sucking out dust with a tiny tube vacuum.

Using a Pentax sensor cleaning kit. Still frame from video by Hari Subramanyam/Leica Society

It’s a process that “takes time, effort, and patience,” Leica Society writes.

(via Leica Society via Leica Camera)