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This Short Film Was Illuminated by a 1600W LED Drone Light


Here’s a new short film by NYC visual storyteller Tim Sessler. Titled “The Place Where,” the “visual poem” was shot at an old cement mine and features nighttime scenes illuminated by a 1600W LED drone light.

The flying light was “most likely the brightest drone light that currently exists,” Sessler tells PetaPixel.

Sessler took a RED Monstro Vista Vision camera to the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, New York. Inside the cave, he light scenes using an 800W LED light ball and a 400W drone light. Here’s a 30-second behind-the-scenes video showing the light drone floating around in the mine:

Outside the mine is where Sessler deployed the ultra-powerful 1600W drone light.

Pictures Fabryc
Pictures Fabryc

“We were able to push the ISO as high as 12,800, which is unheard of for a cinema camera,” Sessler says.

You can find some of Sessler’s prior creative projects (and drone lighting efforts) here.