Nikon: It’s the Z 6 and Z 7, Not Z6 and Z7

One of the biggest announcements in the camera industry this year was the Nikon Z Series and its first two cameras, the Z6 and Z7. That’s how the camera models are usually spelled out when you see them across the Interwebs, but did you know that they’re officially the Z 6 and Z 7? Yes, with a space in the middle.

If you look at Nikon’s official branding and web pages, as well as websites and publications that adhere to official naming stylizations (Wikipedia, for example), you’ll notice the space between the ‘Z’ and the number.

Nikon’s website.
Wikipedia’s article on the Nikon Z7.

But if you step back and do some searches on sites such as Google and YouTube, you’ll find that the vast majority of articles and videos omit the space and simply write out the camera models as the Z6 and Z7. reached out to Nikon and received confirmation that there’s officially a space.

“‘Z’ is a letter symbolizing Nikon’s new camera brand,” Nikon says. “To emphasize this, there is a space between Z and 7/6.”

“The problem came as we began integrating the information for those cameras with the retailer links,” writes. “Apparently, there was a mistake in the new product information disseminated to retailers – the space between the letter and number was omitted. All retailers listed the cameras as ‘Z6’ and ‘Z7’.”

But there’s also the fact that camera models across the industry traditionally don’t contain a space in the middle (e.g. Canon 5D, Sony a9, Leica M10). Even Nikon’s latest DSLRs have names such as the D5, D850, and D7500, not the D 5, D 850, and D 7500.

So even though Nikon officially intends for its full-frame mirrorless cameras to be called the Z 6 and Z 7, it seems the industry as a whole doesn’t really care and is perfectly fine with referring to them as the Z6 and Z7.