Jackson Hole: Stop Tagging Locations

There has been much discussion in recent days of how location tagging in social media is harming natural landmarks around the world. And now even authorities are taking a stand: the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board in Wyoming has launched a new campaign against location tags.

With the rise of social media, previously quiet landmarks such as Horseshoe Bend in Arizona have become flooded with so many tourists that landscapes are being altered, both by so many people trampling through and by governments in order to make those spots safe. This trend has sparked a movement among nature photographers to not geotag photos while exploring the great outdoors.

“Every time someone captures stunning scenery and tags the exact location, crowds follow,” the tourism board says. “[I]n the spirit of our conservation tradition, we’re championing a new environmental initiative: Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild.”

Instead of tagging specific locations found in the wild, the tourism board is asking visitors to use the generic tag Keep Jackson Hole Wild to protect nature and help spread awareness.

The campaign also includes a set of posters that discourage location tagging.

The official @visitjacksonhole Instagram account is leading the charge by using the generic tag on all of its outdoor photos.