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This Photographer Found Money in a Photo


While some photographers are struggling to make money from photography, Romanian photographer Florin Kiritescu is finding money in his photos. Literally.

Kiritescu, a portrait and wedding photographer, did a photo shoot for a friend of his in a park this past weekend. While editing the photos today, Kiritescu zoomed in to 100% to see and work on the details of the shot.

Then, in the corner of the photo, he suddenly noticed something blue.

It looked like “part of a Romanian bill,” Kiritescu tells PetaPixel. Here’s what the back of a 100 lei bill looks like — it’s the second largest frequently used denomination in the country and is worth about $25:

So, Kiritescu hopped into his car, drove back to the park, returned to the exact same spot in the photo, and found the bill exactly where he spotted it under the tree.

This is “how to make money from photography,” Kiritescu says. “Happy me!”