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This Timelapse Shows 10 Hours of Very, Very Slow Walking


Here’s a timelapse that took quite a bit of patience and perseverance to make. Titled “At the End of Summer,” it involved walking very, very slowly over the course of 10 hours, shooting a photo every few steps.

The project was created by artist and musician Fixinmytie and his friend Djabrail Tataev at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto back in September.

With Fixinmytie shooting a Canon 5D Mark IV and Tataev using a Canon T2i, the duo spent 10 hours performing an extremely repetitive task: they would take 3 steps, take a picture, wait 15 seconds, and then repeat the exact same thing again.

“These numbers were calculated ahead of time because I knew I wanted to spend all day at least 10 hours walking to the final destination, which is a set of glowing letters that say CNE, less than 500 meters away and I wanted a day to night transformation,” Fixinmytie tells PetaPixel.

That’s right: the two spent 10 hours walking less than a third of a mile and captured both day turning to night and then night turning to day in the process.

Afterward, Fixinmytie combined all the photos into a timelapse using After Effects and set it to music he created himself.

This actually isn’t the first time the duo has done this type of marathon photo timelapse: back in 2009, they spent 14 hours walking down Yonge St, the longest street in the world, while shooting a photo every 30 seconds.

“It was really difficult physically and mentally, like running a marathon but we managed to complete the journey,” Fixinmytie says. “I vowed to never do such a hard thing again, little I knew 9 years later I would break my promise.”