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This Titanium Case Safety Stores an SD Card on Your Keychain


Pennsylvania-based photographer John Kasko wanted a small but safe way to carry a memory card with him at all times, so he created a pure titanium case that’s designed specifically for carrying one SD card or several microSD cards on a keychain.

Kasko, who has been shooting as a professional photographer full time since 1982, developed a hand-milled case that’s strong and sleek.

“As a photographer, I needed a card case I could carry with me at all times, one I wouldn’t forget,” Kasko says. “Designing the case as a keychain or being able to add it to any keychain was my answer. I don’t ever leave without my keys.”

Each case is produced one at a time by a CNC technician and is attached to a high-grade stainless steel keyring holder. The exterior is sandblasted for a smooth textured finish.

The closure system uses two neodymium rare earth magnets for keeping the case closed when you’d like it to be while still being easy to open in a snap.

Here’s a quick look at how the case works:

Kasko has launched the Titanium SD Memory Card Keychain Case in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and is planning to release the product to the general public in 2018. A pledge of $26 or more will get you one of the first cases if the project successfully delivers on its promises. The project has already surpassed its $2,450 goal and is aiming to ship in October 2018.