Photos of Tiny Underwater Creatures Glowing Like Jewels of the Sea

Japanese photographer Ryo Minemizu sometimes spends up to 8 hours underwater in a single day, keeping his body as motionless as possible while pointing his camera and lens at tiny marine organisms. His photos of glowing sea life are part of a new exhibition titled Jewels in the Night Sea.

Minemizu’s work focuses on the beauty and complexity of plankton — tiny plants, animals, and other organisms measuring 2mm to 40mm (0.08-1.57in) that float and drift through the bodies of water on our planet, unable to swim against currents.

Jewels in the Night Sea is touring Japan in 2018 with Canon’s support. You’ll be able to view the solo exhibition with 40 prints at three Canon Galleries located in Tokyo (August 20-29), Nagoya (September 6-12), and Osaka (September 20-26). You can also purchase prints of Minemizu’s photos here.

(via Ryno Minemizu via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Ryo Minemizu and used with permission