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This Guy Tricked His Girlfriend to Shoot a Cinematic Proposal Video


When freelance filmmaker Matthew Paquette went to the carnival with his girlfriend Clara last weekend, she had no idea that he would propose on the Ferris wheel. What’s more, Paquette managed to trick Clara and secretly film this 4-minute cinematic proposal video.

The couple first met two years ago, and one of their first memories was sitting on the carnival’s Ferris wheel together. Each year the couple also takes the time to shoot photos and cinematic videos at the carnival.

This year, Paquette asked Clara if she’d like to shoot some couple-themed stock video at the carnival, and she agreed.

Instead of operating his RED Scarlet-W and Sigma 24mm Art lens himself, one of Paquette’s friends lent a hand and followed the couple around.

“I’ve [owned the RED camera] for a little over a year now but I’m usually filming stock video packs couple times a month for a stock video site some friends and I own,” Paquette tells PetaPixel. “I usually ask my friends if they want to be actors in the videos so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to ask Clara.”

“She had no idea what was actually going on,” Paquette writes.

While there wasn’t a still photographer on the ride with them, “it was pretty awesome we were able to get raw screen grabs from the video,” Paquette says.

Instead of appearing in a generic stock video, Clara left the carnival with a beautiful video and memory she’ll treasure a whole lot more.

(via Matthew Paquette via Fstoppers)