SANDMARC iPhone Filters Help You Shoot Cinematic Photos

A new set of filters for iPhone cameras look like they might be the next best thing in the world of phone camera add-ons. Cinematic-style films and photos are just a clip-on attachment away with this offering from SANDMARC.

SANDMARC claims these photos are the “world’s best neutral density and polarizer filters for iPhone photography,” which is a bold statement. But a quick look at their Kickstarter project’s promotional video shows that they may not be lying.

The filters can be screwed onto a simple clip-on device that holds them in place over the iPhone’s camera. Not only that, but the filters can be stacked on top of each other, meaning you can have both a polarizer and an ND filter working together.

“We noticed there are no high quality, professional filters for mobile photography,” says SANDMARC. “What we found were cheap generic plastic filters that actually reduce image quality.”

SANDMARC haveĀ produced two types of filters. The ‘drama’ filter is a polarizer, and the ‘scape’ filters are a set of neutral density filters.

The polarizing filters remove reflections and boost colors.

The Kickstarter project has another couple of months to go before it reaches its $100,000 funding target, with pricesĀ for the filters starting at $25 for those that get involved now in the crowdfunding effort.