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Leica Unveils the Elpro 52 for Shooting Macro with Existing M/TL Lenses


Leica today announced the new Elpro 52, close-up attachment for over 20 select Leica M and TL lenses that allows them to be used for macro photography.

The lens screws onto the front of existing lenses, greatly reducing the focusing distance to allow you to get up close to small subjects.

“The shallow depth of focus opens up new opportunities for incredibly detailed photography while still giving images a soft effect in the out of focus areas,” Leica says.

Design-wise, the Elpro 52 is made of two cemented lens elements featuring an anti-reflective coating that Leica says virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations.

Here are some sample photos captured with the assistance of the Leica Elpro 52:

The Elpro 52 is available now and comes with 46mm and 49mm stepping rings with a price tag of $395