This Slow-Motion Hummingbird Video Was Shot on the iPhone

Want to shoot some beautiful slow-motion footage of hummingbirds in flight? As this 4-minute video by photographer and conservationist Phil Torres shows, all you need these days is a smartphone.

Torres was recently in the Ecuadorian cloud forest shooting with his iPhone X and Moment’s lens attachments.

“I soon realized that the wide angle lens gives the iPhone and incredibly close focus point, allowing me to capture hard-to-pull-off wide-angle macro photos and videos,” Torres tells PetaPixel. “I set my iPhone to 240fps on 1080p (which my Canon 1DX Mark II can’t even handle), put on the wide angle lens, set it next to a hummingbird feeder in the cloud forests of Sumaco, and pressed record.”

“When I came back 15 minutes later to review the footage I was stunned.”

You can find more of Torres’ photography on Instagram.