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The Life and Work of Atlanta Hip-Hop Photographer Zach Wolfe


Here’s a 7-minute video by Adobe Create about the life and work of Atlanta hip-hop photographer Zach Wolfe. (Warning: the video contains strong language and mature themes).

Wolfe says his career journey began back when he was 18 years old when he listened to the debut album of the Atlanta-based hip-hop duo OutKast for the first time.

“I don’t know what’s going on in Atlanta, but I have to go there,” he thought.

So, Wolfe picked up and moved to Atlanta with zero connections and began working to build a name for himself in the photo industry there. Initially, things were difficult since Wolfe had no access to the industry, but one day he caught the big break he needed.

While chatting with a neighbor, Wolfe learned that the person was the secretary of a then-lesser-known rapper named Lil Jon. Wolfe shot some photos for Lil Jon, and the chance encounter helped launch the photographer’s career. He has since photographed many of the music industry’s biggest names.

“I was young and hungry, just like these [rappers],” Wolfe tells Adobe Create. “My passion to make it as a hip-hop photographer matched the passion of these guys wanting to be nationally known as rappers. There was this common bond. I adopted a similar intensity as some of the artists that I shot.

“I’m not motivated by fame, but by that tingly feeling I get when I get the shot. That’s why I do this.”

Credits: Video produced by ALCHEMYcreative