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Man Climbs NASCAR Fence for Closeup Photos of Racecars


During the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway this past weekend, one fan apparently decided that his camera wasn’t close enough to the action, so he decided to climb the 30-foot-tall+ catch fence for ultra-close up photos of racecars speeding by below him.

Fellow spectator Vance Hicks Jr. was in attendance and captured the 1-minute video above showing the incident.

Security was understandably not pleased with the fan’s antics. One security guard quickly approached, climbed up partially himself, and yanked the fan down by the seat of his pants.

The fan was immediately ejected from the track and told not to return, Yahoo Sports reports, which also notes that he seems he avoided legal issues, as there are no records of an arrest over the incident by the city’s police department.