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Family Runs from Cheetahs After Leaving Car for Photos


A French family with a child was caught on camera narrowly escaping a group of cheetahs after they got out of their car to take photos at a safari park.

Global News reports that the family was driving through the Beekse Bergen safari park in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands when they pulled up near several cheetahs resting in the shade.

After exiting their car to take photos, the family got back in and drove to a nearby hill. That’s when the first group of cheetahs approached and began threatening the family, forcing them to flee back to their vehicle.

The cameraman in the trailing car looked on in horror as a woman hurried back into the safety of her car with the child in her arms.

No one was injured in the close call. The safari park instructs visitors to stay within their cars and warns of the dangers of the animals in various languages at different points in the park.

This incident came just days after a man in India was mauled to death (warning: it’s disturbing) after approaching an injured wild bear for a selfie.