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Wedding Photographer Vanished with Photos of Big Day, Couple Says


A couple in New Mexico is speaking out to warn others about their experience with a wedding photographer hired to capture their big day. They say their photographer went silent and disappeared with all of their precious memories.

KRQE News 13 reports that Matthew and Jazmine Gallegos of Albuquerque were planning their wedding on September 17th, 2016, when they came across the wedding photography services of Liz Marie Hunter of Infinite Pixel Photography based in San Antonio, Texas.

Hunter and the Infinite Pixel Photography logo. Illustration by KRQE.

Hunter showed up for both their engagement photo shoot and their wedding day. While the Gallegos received what they paid for from their engagement session, they say Hunter never sent them their wedding photos after they paid her $1,500 for her services.

A few months after the wedding, the couple was horrified to find that Infinite Pixel Photography had begun disappearing from the Internet (and the world) — the website no longer existed, the business’ social media accounts could no longer be accessed, and even the phone number had been passed on to a new owner (who now receives calls from former clients and debt collectors).

And after doing some digging, the Gallegos learned that other former clients of Hunter had experienced similar nightmares — Hunter allegedly failed to show up at weddings she was booked for and only offered couples credit toward future services instead of refunds.

A consumer protection attorney tells KRQE that Hunter’s photography contract had warning signs that should jump out at prospective clients:

“Some of the things that stand out are that it’s written in a way that the business can pretty much cancel for any reason they want and still get paid,” Parnall says.

The Gallegos are still hoping to one day receive their official photos from their big day, but for now they’re settling with asking their wedding guests for cell phone photos.

They’re also taking their story public to warn other engaged couples of how badly things can go wrong after hiring a wedding photographer.