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Band.it Grips Are ‘Like Batting Gloves’ for Your Camera Lens


Band.it is a grip add-on for camera lenses that helps improve precision and feel while preventing finger slipping.

Each Band.it grip is a soft, ridged elastomer that stretches over the zoom or focus ring of a lens, matching the diameter and thickness exactly. A rifled inside surface helps maintain a tight grip on the ring below.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution: each Band.it is designed specifically for a ring on a particular lens, so you’ll need to specify exactly which lens you’re buying it for — a nice fit is available for pretty much every major lens brand out there.

“Band.it provides a fast track for identifying the zoom and focus collars on your camera lens by breaking the uniformity of the lens barrel,” the company writes. “Its extruded ridges allow for a better grip, acting as a cushion for your fingers and making fumbling for your focus a thing of the past.”

The added depth allows for more precise micro-adjustments when focusing or zooming in photos and videos, and providing some physical contact with the lens barrel helps reduce or eliminate lens creep as well.

Band.it sells itself as the equivalent of baseball batting gloves for photographers and their lenses.

You can purchase Band.it grips for your specific lens for $20 from the company’s website.