The Playful Street Photography of Pau Buscató

Pau Buscató is a street photographer who has a knack for capturing playful moments in which subjects and scenes come together in curious ways for brief moments of time. Many of his pictures are illusions that may cause you to stare a little longer to understand what it is you’re actually seeing.

Others have fun little “Easter eggs” that add a special touch to a scene that may look mundane at first glance.

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Buscató is currently based in Oslo, Norway, having moved there in 2009. But his photos were captured during international travels to cities that include London, New York City, and more.

“My approach to street photography is very intuitive and I’ve always liked to let my work grow freely, without me forcing any direction or themes,” Buscató writes. “It’s a very open process that demands full awareness and fresh eyes, to see the ordinary things of our everyday not just for what they are, but also for what they can become, when photographed.

“There is a strong sense of play in my street photography. It’s a game for me, and the city is my playground.”

29. juni 2015
Sykkelstativer står i formasjon i Biskop Gunnerius gate, Oslo.. men, vent litt!

You can find more of Buscató’s photos on his website, Instagram, and Flickr.

P.S. Another street photographer who has a knack for spotting curious coincidences is Jonathan Higbee of New York City.

Image credits: Photographs by Pau Buscató and used with permission