Here Are Canon’s and Nikon’s Crazy DSLR Stockpiles at the 2018 Olympics

If you want to see a picture of Canon and Nikon’s continued dominance in the world of sports photography, just take a look at the massive camera arsenals each company brought to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Canon and Nikon both have 60 tech reps from over 10 countries around the world on hand to provide photographers with assistance, including services such as cleaning, checking, and calibrating equipment, Shutterbug reports.

Canon’s Camera Arsenal

Canon says it has 1,359 different items on hand, including 205 cameras and 520 lenses. 100 of those cameras are 1D X Mark II DSLRs, which cost $5,500 each (so $550,000 worth of that model alone).

The camera technicians have 700 different spare parts on hand to make sure Canon photographers have perfectly functioning cameras.

Nikon’s Camera Arsenal

The Nikon arsenal contains the D5, D850, and a large selection of prime and zoom lenses. DPReview reports that while the exact number of Nikon cameras and lenses at the Games is confidential, the stockpile is worth about “several hundred luxury cars.” If each of those luxury car costs $40,000, then 400 of them would have a value of $16 million.

Nikon has begun publishing 2018 Olympics photos captured with its equipment on the Nikon Professional Services blog.

Back in 2016, we shared glimpses into the Canon and Nikon equipment rooms at the Rio Summer Olympics.