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Here’s the Ultimate ‘Ecosystem Map’ of Photography in 2018


Check this out. The folks over at Photolemur have created a comprehensive “ecosystem map” that can help point you to the brands, organizations, services, websites, and applications you need as a digital photographer in 2018.

“The aim of this initiative is to become the gate to the digital photo industry and to help photographers, new companies, VCs, entrepreneurs, journalists, and bloggers to understand who the major players in the world’s digital photo industry are,” Photolemur writes. “Note that some companies work in more than one segment so we decided to link them only to their primary segment on the map.”

The map contains everything from equipment manufacturers…

…to a giant collection of software used for viewing, editing, and organizing your photos.

Photolemur is the same company that put together the massive list of 194 photo editing tools and apps you should know about.

The company is planning to further update this ecosystem map over time, adding more items to existing categories as well as new categories such as media, utilities, and more.

If you’re interested in getting this ecosystem map in high resolution for yourself (it could make for a neat poster), you’ll need to submit your name and email address for receiving the download link over on the map’s webpage.