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Aurora Aperture Unveils the World’s First Variable GND Filter


Aurora Aperture has just announced what it claims is the world’s first variable graduated neutral density filter. It’s a family of filters called the Aurora PowerGXND.

The filter has a continuous range of 5-stops (ND 0 – 1.5) and has a hard gradient transition.

“The Aurora PowerGXND family is the world’s first variable GND filter, offering a wide range of light balancing capability for both photographers and videographers,” says Aurora Aperture founder and CEO Jeff Chen. “Until now users need to carry multiple fixed stop GND filters with light reduction values of one, two, and three stop with no fractional stop value.

“With our variable GND filters, all you need is one filter and just rotate the filter until you see the desired result, it is truly that easy.”

The filter has a “hard stop” feature, preventing you from turning past the minimum or maximum points. There’s a reading scale that allows you to directly determine the filter’s stop value.

The Aurora PowerGXND is made from Schott B 270 i Ultra-White Glass and the surfaces are treated with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to repel water, soil, and dirt.

The filter comes in three sizes: 62mm, 82mm, and 105mm. This covers filter threads from 37mm to 82mm using optional lens adapter rings. There are also adaption plates and square filter systems (75mm, 100mm, and 130mm) available that allow you to use the filter on different lenses.

Here is a 2-minute introduction to the filter:

Here are some example videos that show what these filters can do:

The Aurora PowerGXND is being launched through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where you can “pre-order” one for between $150 and $330 (depending on filter size). The campaign has already passed it’s goal and if everything goes according to plan, it’ll start shipping in May 2018.