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David Katz, A Top Photographer Who Was Secretly Legally Blind


Here’s a 15-minute video¬†featuring the internationally acclaimed sports photographer David Katz, a man who was diagnosed as being legally blind when he was just 3 months old.

Through his eyes, things seem too bright, blurred, and appear to move too quickly.

“It’s overwhelming at times,” says Katz. “When I have a camera in front of me and I’m looking at things through the viewfinder, everything feels real and natural.”

Katz essentially sees the world through his camera’s viewfinder.

When he was initially pursuing a career as a professional photographer, Katz believed that he had to keep his vision impairment a secret. By age 20, Katz was already considered one of the top photographers in the British National Press. But now Katz is opening up to reveal this one secret he has held tightly onto for so long.

“I now feel a big sense of relief,” says Katz. “Each time I tell my story, it’s becoming less difficult. Being visually impaired has never been anything I’m embarrassed about. I’m proud of it. It’s made me the photographer and person I am today.”

You can see more of David Katz’s work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.