This 32-Inch Philips Display with 99% Adobe RGB and HDR is Only $500

Philips has announced a new 32-inch professional monitor with HDR and 99% Adobe RGB coverage: the Philips Brilliance QHD LCD P-line 328P6AUBREB. The best part: this high-end monitor will only cost around $500.

With USB-C docking for “simplicity and single cable docking,” this monitor is designed for professionals who demand “maximum quality.” This USB 3.1 technology is 20 times faster than USB 2.0, and can even charge certain laptops.

“The P-line monitors are designed to deliver precise, accurate and color-critical color performance,” says Philips product manager Artem Khomenko. “We are proud to bring this new model to the market, and to meet the high standards of professionals.

“This model is the perfect fit for graphic designers, CAD engineers, photographers, video editors and other professionals who rely on an outstanding on-screen reproduction of fine details.”

The monitor’s HDR technology ensures “exceptional brightness and contrast” alongside a rich palette of “new colors never before seen on a display.”

The monitor’s display is 10-bit with 1.074 billion colors, all of which is supported by 12-bit internal processing. This allows for natural colors and smooth gradients. It has a 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB color gamut, offering professional color standards across its 2560×1440-pixel display.

IPS technology is used to give the monitor a viewing angle of up to 178-degrees without loss of color accuracy or brightness.

Aside from the features of the actual screen, the monitor has Philips’ SmartErgoBase which allows for easy adjustments. It also has Philips’ LowBlue Mode, reducing “potentially harmful” shortwave blue light.

There is also “flicker-free technology” and built-in stereo speakers. The monitor is also a “good choice” for users with eco-friendly buying habits, as it is made of 65% post-consumer recycled plastics.

The Philips¬†328P6AUBREB P-line display will be available in January 2018 at a retail price of ¬£439 in the UK. Both DPReview and AnandTech report that the monitor will be cost at or around $500 when it’s available in the United States.