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Bus Photobombs Ruins Shot of Georgia Dome Implosion in a Hilarious Way


The Georgia Dome stadium was demolished yesterday after serving for decades as the home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team. During the event, one unlucky cameraman was on the receiving end of one of the funniest bus photobombs you’ll see.

The 46-second video above shows what happened to the cameraman operating The Weather Channel’s livestream of the event. After 40 minutes of waiting to capture the implosion for the world to see, the cameraman was horrified to see a large bus roll into the frame at the exact moment the implosion began.

“No bus! Get out of the way!” the cameraman screams. “Bus! ****! Get out of the way bus! Are you kidding me? ****! Ugh! What the ****! ****! ****! ****!”

And with perfect timing, once the stadium has completely disappeared from sight, the bus calmly rolls away with its mission accomplished.

As this video began going viral, Sports Illustrated seized on the opportunity and released its own video showing how this same MARTA bus ruined some of the greatest sports moments in recent years:

So the next time you’re ready with your camera to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment, beware this MARTA bus.

(via The Weather Channel via Fstoppers)