Photographer Projects Portraits Onto Pieces of Trash in Los Angeles

Photographer Philippe Echaroux wants to spread an important message about the problem of trash littered on streets. His new photo project After the Dream is a creative series designed to raise awareness about this issue.

Echaroux visited Los Angeles and started by capturing portraits of random people he met on the streets.

Next, Echaroux collected pieces of trash scattered around the streets and combined them into larger trash surfaces. He then projected the portraits he captured onto the trash in front of popular landmarks.

Here’s a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video showing how the project was done:

The project goes beyond just these photos, however. Echaroux has set up a website where young people can submit photos of similar artworks they have created using trash.

You can find more of Philippe Echaroux’s work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram. A previous project of his involved projecting faces of indigenous people onto trees in the Amazon rainforest.