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8 Reasons Why Photographers Should Learn Video as Well


As photographers, it is very easy to focus on stills and ignore the world of videography. However, video is an increasingly powerful tool and understanding it can benefit your work and career as a stills photographer. This 5-minute video by COOPH offers 8 reasons why you should be getting to grips with moving images and how you can quickly improve a short film.

Here’s a summary of the 8 basic points:

#1. Video is great for engaging with your audience on social media

#2. You can create behind-the-scenes videos to attract new clients

#3. Vlogging allows you to build and improve your brand

#4. Use cinematic shots to create awesome fillers

#5. Creating tutorials online will help boost your fan base

#6. Promoting your films is easy through social media channels

#7. Video gives you lots of different skills and a better portfolio

#8. Collaborations with other YouTubers is great for widening your audience

Check out the video above to hear explanations of these tips.