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Adobe Scribbler Can Auto Colorize B&W Photos


Adobe is teasing an impressive new technology called Scribbler. It’s an “interactive deep learning-based image generation system” that you can use to automatically colorize black-and-white photos. Above is a 6.5-minute demo of Scribbler.

The system was developed using the Adobe Sensei deep learning system by researchers at Adobe, Georgia Tech, and UC Berkeley. The scientists trained a neural network on tens of thousands of carefully chosen photos to teach it facial features in new photos and fill in realistic colors (based on its best guess).

Here are two examples of black-and-white portraits that were automatically turned into color photos by Adobe Scribbler:

The colorization can be done with a single click. For more customization, you can tell Scribbler what you want certain portions of photos to look like.

In addition to photos, the system can also be used on drawings and sketches:

Project Scribbler was publicly demonstrated yesterday as a Sneak Peek at the Adobe MAX 2017 conference. The demo was portrait-focused, but it seems Adobe is aiming to make this technology word for any type of photo.

“This is a look at early technology from Adobe,” Adobe says. “These may or may not be features and/or new products we integrate down the line.”