How Photographer Peter McKinnon Got 1 Million YouTube Subscribers in 9 Months

Photographer Peter McKinnon first started his YouTube channel 9 months ago, but since then he has racked up over 1.1 million subscribers. In this 11-minute video, Paddy Galloway looks at how McKinnon managed to achieve this incredible feat and what makes his channel so different from everyone else’s.

Galloway estimates that the ad revenue alone is pulling in $13,000 per month for McKinnon, with sponsorships for individual videos on top of that.

But why is he so popular? What made him different?

McKinnon originally started by producing “typical vlogs” with titles such as “spicy food” and “wrecked my shoulder.”

Despite being well-made, they didn’t get the traction McKinnon was no doubt hoping for.

He then changed things up, producing much more punchy videos like “8 Camera Hacks” and receiving millions of views for them.

Galloway has produced a really great analysis of McKinnon and his channel. Addressing a number of stages every aspiring YouTuber should pay attention to:

  1. Gaining Initial Attention
  2. Providing Quality Content
  3. Growing Relationships with Viewers

Check out the video above to dive deep into the world of McKinnon and his YouTube phenomenon, and subscribe to Paddy Galloway for more YouTube analysis videos.

(via Paddy Galloway via ISO 1200)