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6 Bad Habits That Photographers Have


Photographer, videographer, and YouTube star Peter McKinnon brainstormed with his photographer and filmmaker friends and came up with 6 common bad habits in photography that photographers should try to avoid having.

Here’s a rundown of the bad habits covered by McKinnon:

#1. Refusing to shoot in any condition that is not perfectly ideal: Don’t let conditions prohibit you from shooting to the best of your ability.

#2. Not shooting enough photos during a shoot or event: Give yourself more options during editing by shooting more.

#3. Deleting photos in camera: The screen on your camera is a bad way to gauge whether a photo can be salvaged.

#4. Referencing the LCD screen too much: This habit can slow down your creative flow.

#5. Not offloading your memory card immediately after shooting: Protect and organize your data well.

#6. Assuming you have all your gear in your bag: Always double-check what you’re bringing to a shoot.

“Those are six bad habits that I do, that I’m sure other people do out there,” McKinnon says.

(via Peter McKinnon via Orms Direct)