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Why to Shoot 2,300 Photos Even if You Only Need 3


What’s the point in shooting thousands of frames when your client only wants a few? In this 10-minute video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan shares his entire process during a shoot and why he takes thousands of different shots.

If you’ve been commissioned on a shoot, it’s unlikely that your client wants to publish the thousands of images you may take. But by doing so you provide ample choice for the perfect shot that correctly fits their taste and style.

During a product shoot with a case used for transporting fishing equipment, Morgan shot 2,300 photos for his client.

He started by capturing a number of images of the subject walking away from his car with the case. Morgan captured every moment during a typical fly fisherman’s day, ensuring that absolutely every angle was covered.

What’s interesting is hearing how he minutely adjusts his angles and settings based on the results he is getting in the field, and that comes from constantly checking his shots on the camera’s LCD.

While it may be obvious that shooting more than the single few frames you’ll ultimately be delivering is a good thing, the most helpful point you can take from this video is all of the different ways you can work to capture one single product effectively.