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How Landscape Photographer Thomas Heaton Packs for an Overnight Trip


Are you planning an outdoor landscape photo adventure? This video from landscape photographer Thomas Heaton will give you some ideas on how to optimize your pack. It’s a 12-minute look through the gear he’s settled on for his camping photo trips.

As any landscape photographer knows, the gear you bring with you and what you choose to leave behind can make a big difference to your both your success and your enjoyment of your time spent outdoors. Heaton has spent plenty of time in the outdoors and experienced plenty of success, so he must be getting something right.

Apart from a conspicuous lack of spare socks and underwear, Heaton covers everything that he packs from the pack itself to his Canon 5D Mark IV, lenses, DJI Mavic Pro, snacks, tent, tripod, and his pillow.

Check out the 12-minute video at the top for the full setup and how Heaton packs his bag to maximize space.