Work: Photos of Jobs Around the World from a Top-Down View

Photographer Sanwal Deen has been working on a new personal project, titled “Work.” It’s an exploration of different careers found around the world, and how work is a thread by which individuals all over the world are connected.

“People tend to spend more than a third of their lives working,” Deen tells PetaPixel. “But more than that, the type of work that happens in a city or place (and the process by which it comes about) is directly tied to the culture of a city, place or country.

“For a lot of people, their identity is tied to the work that they do.”

“The idea behind this project is to document and celebrate one’s individuality as seen through the lens of the work one does, while still acknowledging our shared humanity.”

Deen is a photographer who’s originally from Islamabad, Pakistan, and who’s currently based in the United States. He recently won a 2nd Place National Award in the Sony World Photography Awards. You can find more of his work on his website.