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10 Predictions About the Future of Photography


How might photography evolve in the coming years and decades? The folks over at COOPH took a look at current trends and research projects to come up with 10 productions about the future of photography. They’re discussed in the 4.5-minute video above.

Here’s a quick summary of what COOPH believes the future holds for photographers:

1. Stronger Sensors: Cameras will have sensors with hundreds of megapixels in resolution, extremely high ISOs for night vision, and possibly even a curved design that superior to flat ones.
2. Smaller Cameras: Future cameras may be completely flat with no moving parts.
3. More Photojournalism: As cameras become more and more accessible, there may be greater storytelling.
4. Closer Integration: Contact lens cameras and other innovations may help cameras to integrate directly into the human body.
5. Intelligent Cameras: You may be able to control cameras with eye movements and even brain waves.
6. More Versatile Lenses: Shape-shifting camera lenses and cameras covered with lenses may be what the future has in store.
7. Alternative Energy Solutions: Cameras may generate their own energy, perhaps through solar panels.
8. New Formats: We may project photos as holograms, especially with 3D holographic display technologies.
9. Smarter Software: Programs may choose, edit, and share our best photos for us, taking humans more and more out of the creative process.
10. Return of the Vintage: Old technologies often seem to make comebacks, and DSLR cameras may soon be considered a vintage technology in the history of photography.

Feel free to share your own predictions about what the future of photography will look like in the comments below.