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COOPH Introduces Multi-Functional Clothing Line Designed for Photographers by Photographers

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The Cooperative of Photography, affectionately referred to as by most as COOPH, has officially announced a very useful new line of clothing designed by photographers, for photographers.

From the outside, most of these clothing options might seem like your standard hoodie, beanie and gloves. But underneath, COOPH has cleverly disguised a number of secret compartments and features that are designed to compliment your photographic arsenal.

For example, the beanie has a clever little pocket on top that perfectly stores the always-forgotten lens cap, the button down has a built-in lens cleaning cloth, and the hoodie has a number of pockets that can be used to store lenses or camera bodies when in use or packed away.




Of course, some of these clothing items aren’t much different than their non-photographic companions, but the COOPH lineup is an interesting way to carve out an apparel niche in the photography market.

The COOPH store is open in Europe, where prices range from 30 Euro (~$37.50 USD) for the cheapest pouch beanie, to 120 Euro (~$150 USD) for a hoodie, to 140 Euro (~$175 USD) for the leather gloves.

For now, shipping to the US available under special inquiry, but a US store is set to launch sometime in 2015.

1 Comment