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Slow Life Down by Doing Some Long Exposure Photography


Long exposure photography can take time, planning, and patience in waiting for the right conditions to develop. In this 13-minute video blog, Thomas Heaton shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of long exposure photography.

In the video, Heaton sets out to capture something slow and steady. Armed with his filters and wide-angle lens, he sets his sights on a castle with a beautiful sky reflected in the foreground water.

But it’s the setup for the final shot which is the most interesting part. The video is an insight into what a landscape photographer needs to do to capture something great. Heaton spends a significant amount of time just waiting for the scene to develop and dramatic clouds to roll in.

Another great hint gleaned from the video is that CDs make great feet for tripods on soft surfaces. Resting the legs onto them will stop the whole system sinking into the sand and ruining a long exposure.

You can find more of Heaton’s vlogs on his popular YouTube channel.