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This Music Video Was Made Entirely In-Camera on a Giant Set


This trippy music video for Bonobo‘s new track “No Reason” is full of what would appear to be clever CGI, but it’s actually all shot in-camera using “a very small camera and a very big set.”

The video is a look inside the head of a hikikomori, a young man who stays hidden from society. They “spend years at a time stuck in their bedrooms,” according to director Oscar Hudson.

In the video, a small action camera is moved through a series of 18 rooms. The rooms get progressively smaller, and the young man seems to get bigger. This illusion was actually created by constructing 14 “shrunken” rooms, for which the team had to make really small props to keep everything in perspective.

Unbelievably, the entire film is almost entirely one shot. While he doesn’t quite admit it in the behind-the-scenes video, the director eludes to the fact “very few shots” were used to create a particularly tricky scene where the camera moves through “impossibly small spaces.”

Through each room, the props change and adapt as if moving through periods of the star’s life, so keep a watchful eye and see all of the hidden details. The full music video is a piece of genius creativity and camera work, and you can watch how it was made in this behind-the-scenes video: